Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Enjoying the Boys

I say this a lot--but I love not having to worry about school yet for my boys! We NEVER rush in the mornings unless we have a doctor's appointment or some other annoyance. Ryan and Evan laugh at each other all day starting first thing in the morning.....they are the only ones laughing. I'm not a morning person never have been. Grew to love it on my mission--but have since not acquired a taste for it. I'm really good late at night and in the wee hours of the morning. To the benefit of our boys I guess. When they need to nurse (EVAN--in case you thought I was still nursing Ryan...) or when they are sick, nightmares, etc. I'm johnny on the spot and I bring my "A" game. I do all of my best work late at night write a talk, pack for a trip, clean my kitchen, organize a closet or drawer. I'm really enjoy the "baby stage". That's the biggest reason why there are 3 years between my boys. I did not want to miss any of Ryan's baby days. With a three year gap Ryan is old enough to enjoy Evan's right there with me. Small children are challenging but I rely on my mantra of the big 3-- when they are crabby, disobedient (Ryan) or just plain destructive (Ryan). I fix one of the 3's or all depending on the situation. FEED them! Get them BUSY doing something or get them down for NAPS! It's ALWAYS one of these 3. Little children act out when they are BORED, TIRED, or HUNGRY. Anyway, I'm thankful for the easy years of child rearing--shaking in my boots for the driving/seminary years!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Autumn at the Oregon Coast?

Crazy right? No really, it was just as nice as Summer.... only better! The weather was gorgeous and WARM 80 plus degrees. When I found out we were going on yet another out of town medical clerkship I was rolling my eyes big time! (I know I'm usually so good natured...) Anyway, I packed us up for a month at the coast in the Fall time ie. lots of wind breakers and fleece. I did not even bother to pack sand toys because I did not think we would get much use out of them. WRONG! Luckily they Have a Fred Meyer in Tillamook so we improvised with a Halloween bucket and a garden trowel (which BTW is much better then any sand shovel very sturdy!)
At the last minute I threw in a few summer clothing items just in case. Good thing! We have had great weather! Did I mention our apartment is a block form the beach? So, we (the boys and I... Brad may be working--but we are on vacation!!!) loaded up this morning and strolled to Oceanside Beach... again. Brad's rotation is in Tillamook but we got really hooked up with a full blown vacation rental right here in Oceanside about 15 minutes from Tillamook. On another note they are looking to recruit a new Doc to the area--where do we sign? There is something very therapeutic about smelling the ocean breeze as you drift off to sleep at night and having it engulf you on a morning walk. We need a job in a few months....maybe Tillamook is the place? Yes, this is the home of the world renowned Tillamook cheese factory. These people make the best cheese and ice cream--actually all of their diary products are superior. Great, now I NEED some Tillamook vanilla bean ice cream! Good thing I'm still nursing.... being this close to the source is dangerous!

Evan at the beach being his usual cheerful self.

Evan leaving the beach--he LOVED watching those seagulls.
Sorry, baby boy it was time for Ryan's 4 HOUR afternoon
nap...yes, my three year old still naps! Don't be too jealous he
was awake from birth until two nursing and bossing me around.
He now sleeps through the night and I get a reprieve in the
afternoon to nap, play with baby Evan, or get "caught up"
on housework...like that's ever going to happen! We are
ALWAYS GONE somewhere.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ry Guy lives another day.....

This is the picture I look at every time I have a particularly
"difficult" day with my Ry Ry. He was 7 months old in this
picture and ALL of my frustration leaves when I see those
fat baby arms with NO wrists and those thick chubby
thighs wearing size 6 Pampers already. He never learned
to crawl-- this was him dragging his belly and legs along like
a snake. Ryan is one of those kids that is never content
to sit on the rug and "play". He is going 24/7 and wants the
rest of us right there with him. He LOVES an audience.
Does not like interacting with children his age. So I'm his
favorite person, favorite play mate.... etc. Don't get me
wrong I love that we have this close connection--and I'm his
favorite. I just get the guilties when my house, husband,
and Baby Evan get neglected because "The King has ruled"
Maybe it's because he was the first born. Maybe it's because
Brad and I are both big time bosses. Maybe it's because his
name means "Little King". Who knows? Some days it's just
easier to do things his way.......I'll try that tomorrow. I love
you Chubba Bubba! I still call him that sometimes,even though
he's anything but.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tony Soprano?

We were on a recent trip....and the proprietor of the villa
we were staying at said our 3 month old baby looked like
Tony Soprano! Is this true??? I realize I may be biased
as his mother, but I think he's adorable! You know in the
Gerber Baby sort of way-- sweet and chubby.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

She's got my Vote!

Sarah Palin just had a baby. She bags her own caribou for dinner. She has four other children. Her hair and makeup are done. She is Governor of Alaska--and she is running for VP? WOW!

So, I just had a baby. I usually head out to the garage to rummage through the deep freeze after lunch in hopes of finding some ziploced meat from Costco to thaw in time for dinner. I only have one other child. I usually have my hair and makeup done for Church-- any other days are bonus!
(Sorry Babe, when Evan sleeps through the night I WILL be back to normal)

So here is my official hats off to Sarah Palin. I was never a big fan of women in politics..... Hillary and Janet (Reno) OK enough said! So when Mitt hung up the gloves I was bummed. I didn't like McCain..... but thankfully he had enough sense to pick the right VP so it will be a pleasure to vote this year!
Check this blog http://palinreport.com/ authored by Denton Romans-- husband to one of my mission companions Marissa aka Gina

Monday, September 1, 2008

Brandon & Angela Mitchell

We are joining the blogging world....well it's mostly for us.
Enjoy getting caught up on our last 10 years. Once we
have accomplished that, we will regale you with anecdotes
about our prodigy children and inundate you with photos
of our beautiful babies. Did you expect anything less?