Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Evan had a really good time at the ward party this year! He does not get a lot of sweets at home......but made up for it today! This ward had more sweets then I have ever seen at a ward party before. Both boys thoroughly enjoyed the cupcake walk, carmel apples,candy bingo (so cute) and "trunk or treating" which turned into classroom treating because of the rain. I had to bring Evan to the restroom twice tonight to wash off the frosting, carmel, cake, etc.

Evan loves the "baby in the mirror" and the one inside of the stove, the glass back door, and the fridge. I should know this by now but what age do they discover "self"? He spends a good deal of time offering the baby in the stove drinks from his cups and "kisses" the baby at the back door at least ten times a day! So funny.

I get so nostalgic when I see Evan wear the same little outfits that Ry wore at this age. At least it has held up! Not bad for $4.99 from the Albertson's clearance rack!

Woke up bright and early......

This one did too...armed with his treasure chest that he needed "trick or treats" in. It's funny that he calls it that instead of just candy.

Pirate 2009

Ryan has been talking about being a pirate for Halloween for months! He cracked me up as we talked about what he thought a pirate costume was. I was able to talk him OUT of the PIRATE SHIP, TALKING PARROT, & HOOK HAND.....we then agreed on general pirate attire and a treasure chest that he could use to put his "trick or treats" in.

So I made a plan for him and I to stop at Goodwill the next time we were in Portland. We would then look for clothes that I could customize and make "pirate-ish". Ryan adds ish to EVERYTHING these days. The day we went to Portland we ended up stoping at Costco first. While we were there Brandon found this great pirate costume! I was super excited. I love making Ryan little outfits.....but I knew with my impending new calling and a baby who still wakes at night this was just what I needed. Besides it was super cheap! We added a little wooden case that looked enough like a treasure chest to him and we were done! Thanks again Brad for finding these cute little pirate togs.

As I uploaded these picture I was a little taken back by how grown up Ry looks. Gone are the baby curls, chubby cheeks, and short little toddler legs. Where does the time go?

This was just last year.

Popeye 2008

I think I scored big Mom points that year! Some how I was able to get around to sewing a costume that year even though I was so sleep deprived! Ryan LOVED that little Popeye outfit. He had so much fun trick or treating for the first time.

Clown 2007

Ryan sporting the very same clown costume that Brandon wore as a toddler. Brandon's Mom made this darling little costume and then saved it all these years!

Pumpkin 2006

My little precious this was a simple time! Ryan had just started sleeping through the night. My house was immaculate once he went to bed....and stayed clean. This is NOT the case now! The new "precious pumpkin" is just as big or bigger whirlwind then Ryan was.

Pea Pod 2005

Classic first baby. Did I really dress up a 5 month old and take pictures? Oh yes I did! I dress these kids up and take pictures. What can I say.......? I have FIVE brothers who DELIGHTED in decapitating, burying, and generally trashing any dolls I owned. Whatever, these "dolls" are better then cabbage patch babies any day.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I Missed Klamath Falls this week..............

NEVER thought I would say that!

Allow me to clarify.

Reason #1 My boys LOVED having a big fenced yard with lots of grass to run on. Without that they get a little stir crazy!

Reason # 2 My boys loved walking to the park across the street from our house. I was game because I only had to keep them from darting into traffic on a walk for about 5 minutes. Huge plus for two very independent boys!

Reason # 3 Uh...... looks like that's it!

Luckily we have found a much better alternative. We have visited the beach about 3-4 times a week since moving here to the Tillamook area. We are still renting the house in Oceanside so we are very close to two really great beaches. When it gets nutty around here I load up these rascals and 5 minutes later we are all in sand heaven. The only draw back for me is my housework suffers. When we lived in Klamath I could stand in the kitchen and cook, clean etc. and still keep an eye on them. At least our beach outings force me to take a break and dig in the sand.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Dear Graco

Do you think you could manufacture a infant seat with a HANDLE that I could use past 30lbs........? PLEASE!!

Taking Evan anywhere requires him to be snoozing comfortably in his car seat. I'm not ready to give that up! I have a hard time believing I'm the only Mom out there who uses this to maintain sanity!!!!!!!

Set up

Evan is finally asleep..... I tried letting him "cry it out" again. This only produced a very upset little boy. (I'm now convinced this DOES NOT work for certain children)

I set myself up for this. In the back of my mind I promised myself sleep when Evan reached 16 months.

That's when Ryan started sleeping through the night (more often then not). That's when Ryan weaned himself.

So here I am wondering how long this will last? I know all babies are different. The constant waking is wearing me down. The migraines, the brain fog, the forgetfulness.....that's getting a little old. I now have insomnia. If I hear one more mother tell me about their baby that started sleeping through the night at 6 weeks...... I might lose it!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Evan's Keeper

Ryan is very protective of Evan! He inherits this trait from me as I'm one of those annoying hovering Mothers..... I cut their food into pea size amounts forever! I freak out when they fall etc. We have baby gates on all three stair levels. (I had locks on every cupboard and door in Klamath) Every time we head to the beach Evan makes a bee line for the water. He really loves the crashing waves, cold water and the sand in his toes. Ryan lets him get so far and then runs after him and hauls him back. Evan only weighs about 15lbs less then Ry so it's not an easy task!

I'm glad that these two get along so well. They laugh, giggle and chase each other all day long. Ryan always has an eye out for his baby brother. He still brings me things that he thinks we should put up so "Ev won't choke it". Ryan prays for help to "tect" (protect) his brother. I laugh every time he says that because he is so articulate and has always said "tect" instead of protect.

We enjoyed watching General Conference this weekend as a family. The spirit was felt by all. Ryan did pretty good and sat though about 2-3 talks per session. ( I bribed him with milk duds--kids have a really hard time talking with sticky Carmel's in their mouths!) Evan found the box of milk duds later that night and crammed about 8 into his mouth at once.... I freaked when I found him--but he had such a huge grin on his face and was making his yum noise I snapped a picture instead.

Friday, October 2, 2009


My Dad sent me the following in an email. Too bad our children will suffer the most from this mess. I say this because I wonder if it's out of our hands to fix? Brad I and wonder all the time if our boys will grow up in the same America we grew up in?

Can you believe it! This was in the paper in can actually (barely) see the date in the bottom corner of the cartoon...Looking back can be a look forward...

This amazing cartoon was in the Chicago Tribune in 1934. Look carefully at the plan Of action.

Remember the adage, "Those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it" .