Thursday, May 13, 2010

Glad he is TWO!

I have been dreading this cute little chubby turning two for weeks now. Monday all of that changed. Brandon had a last minute business trip down to LA. and airfare was cheap so we tagged along. My brother and sister in-law had just their first baby so we thought we would make a quick surprise visit. While hubs was busy with work we spent some time at Nana and Papa's house. Monday morning the boys and I had just finished breakfast. We then went out to the guest house to get ready for the day. The boys sat down and started to play. I walked into the bathroom to lay things out for our showers. I realized I had forgotten to tell my Father in law what our plans were for the day. I ran back to the house. We had talked for about a minute when he said "hey the water in the pool is moving". We both looked at each other and ran. Nothing can describe the horror I felt when I ran to the pool and saw my sweet baby floating face down in the pool. I screamed and jumped in-- it felt like a long time before I could reach him. Once we were out of the pool I heard him cry (thankfully). I was crying harder then he was. Evan is fine. We caught him in time. I think he was in the water for maybe a minute. (I was gone for two) He was able to unlock two doors and push open a very sticky door! Tricky boy. This pool has been on my list ever since Ryan was born almost 5 years ago. I'm always very cautious with the boys when we are around it. It really does take just a minute for a baby to slip in the water. We think he may have tried to float his rubber duck in the pool and fell in. He was playing with that duck in anticipation of his shower. Ryan noticed the duck floating near the spot I had pulled him out. I realize we are very lucky. I'm very grateful for this. I'm not sure I'm the type of person that could have recovered from losing a child. We celebrated his birthday TODAY! Last year we waited until Ryan's a couple of weeks later and did it together. When Evan woke up this morning Ryan and I sang him happy birthday. He clapped at the end and then said "cake?". Too funny. We asked him what kind of cake he wanted the answer was "blue". So we baked a cake and frosted it with blue frosting. Evan was by my side the entire time I was making the frosting asking for licks. I think he basically filled up on frosting for dinner. I was just thankful he was actually celebrating a second birthday!
So now when Evan shoves EIGHT CD's into the ONE CD player in the car I laugh.
When he pulls off his diaper and pees on my carpet, I count to 8 (his favorite number) and pull out the carpet cleaner.
When he climbs up on the island and takes a bite out of every apple, I shake my head and move on.
When he wakes me up by banging on head.....I scoop all 30 plus pounds of him and tickle him till he screams "POP! POP!" (Stop)
Evan is a typical toddler boy in to everything and doing everything at once. Ryan was I felt like I could handle anything these boys tossed my way. I always thought I was super vigilant.... I must be losing my touch.


  1. he's so cute! and how SCARY!!!! you are SO blessed nothing happened to him! ahhhh

  2. Nah - you're not losing your touch. :) Your boys seriously sound like Michael was at that age. That hopefully will change soon for you! lol He went from being super curious get into every single thing every day boy to someone who is mostly responsible. I can't tell you how happy I was for that day to come! I am glad all turned out well from your quick trip south. Nothing like a super scare to make us appreciate the little angels we call children. :)

  3. Oh Angela! I am so glad your little boy is ok. What a scary ordeal! My dad has a pool as well and I'm a worry wort about it. I've had to "save" Austin 3 times now, one being in Dominica. Happy Birthday to Evan. Thanks for sharing your new outlook! I will have to adopt that as well.

  4. Ange I'm so glad he's ok! How scary for you - I know you're the kind of mom who would NEVER let her kid be alone if he's unsafe. Sounds like he inherited some sneaky genes!

  5. Holy cow, Ange. That's the most terrifying thing I've ever heard. I think about that all the time that I wouldn't be able to handle losing a baby. Ainslie is my world literally. I hardly do anything else. Especially now that she's getting all mobile and grabby, the crafty little monkey. She's such a sweet chunk. She's trying not to take a nap right now and falling asleep sitting up. So glad nothing happened to one of your boys, they're sweethearts. Good thing you FIL saw the water moving! Phew.

  6. Wow...pools are the devil. I used to worry about them all the time. That was why we all took so many swimming lessons.
    One time when we were at swimming lessons...and Tiff was the youngest...abt two. She either jumped or fell into the pool during lessons. She wasn't enrolled yet.
    The scary part was that it took a minute before anyone noticed because it looked to everyone like she was swimming.