Thursday, April 30, 2009

Birdhouse Love

We finally took Ryan to Home Depot's kid's building workshop last month. Officially Home Depot set the starting age at 5 to attend. Since he looks 5 we thought what the heck. I wish I would have brought him sooner since it's not a really organized "workshop" as I had been led to believe. I could never picture Ryan sitting still for a step by step workshop on anything! It's really a free for all--for starters it's FREE, each child receives a Home Depot project apron and you dive in with your kiddo and put together prefab little wooden projects. Ryan had a really good time. As you can tell he is in love with the bird house that he and Dad built--could not take his eyes off of it! He kept asking Brad the rest of the day "lets do another project together". Needless to say they mowed the lawn together, ran errands, etc. Brad said later that night he has never been so exhausted when he said such a willing helper at his disposal! WELCOME to my world! This made up for the comment he made earlier in the week--"Babe, I think what your problem is, is goal setting just set a goal (s) each day and then focus on them until you get them done." He has lots of good one liners. The ones while I'm in labor and just home from the hospital with a newborn are just as priceless.


  1. I love the picture! It's great. I can totally relate to not getting anything done with kids around, but I think you do a great job. Btw I would love to hear more Brad-isms! I can't imagine you putting up with them.

  2. Bradisms ....please more Bradisms...they are priceless.
    All you have to do is give him the opportunity to be in labor sometime......noooow.... hooow to do it....because of course it can only be a parallel experience.
    But then if you leave it up to Ry Ry he will handle it....maybe he could take the kids for a few days while you are at Girls Camp. Bwwwaaahhh.

  3. How do you know Judd & Lindsey? Pretty sure Lindsey was our old neighbor & one of my sister's best friends in high school. This is Jaclyn btw. Cute blog I love your header picture of your boys. So cute!