Sunday, October 4, 2009

Evan's Keeper

Ryan is very protective of Evan! He inherits this trait from me as I'm one of those annoying hovering Mothers..... I cut their food into pea size amounts forever! I freak out when they fall etc. We have baby gates on all three stair levels. (I had locks on every cupboard and door in Klamath) Every time we head to the beach Evan makes a bee line for the water. He really loves the crashing waves, cold water and the sand in his toes. Ryan lets him get so far and then runs after him and hauls him back. Evan only weighs about 15lbs less then Ry so it's not an easy task!

I'm glad that these two get along so well. They laugh, giggle and chase each other all day long. Ryan always has an eye out for his baby brother. He still brings me things that he thinks we should put up so "Ev won't choke it". Ryan prays for help to "tect" (protect) his brother. I laugh every time he says that because he is so articulate and has always said "tect" instead of protect.

We enjoyed watching General Conference this weekend as a family. The spirit was felt by all. Ryan did pretty good and sat though about 2-3 talks per session. ( I bribed him with milk duds--kids have a really hard time talking with sticky Carmel's in their mouths!) Evan found the box of milk duds later that night and crammed about 8 into his mouth at once.... I freaked when I found him--but he had such a huge grin on his face and was making his yum noise I snapped a picture instead.

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