Tuesday, November 3, 2009

So suite

We joined Brandon in Portland this week while he was away for business. Ryan loves to stay in hotels and I can always find an excuse to do a little shopping in Portland! (unfortunately that did NOT happen this time....) It's funny the little things you become thankful for when you stop and ponder on each day. As a general rule staying even ONE night in a hotel with my two boys just about does me in! If I may enlighten you....there is the constant breaking away and running (clomping) down the hallway. Not to mention dismantling the phones the TV remotes, tossing the couch cushions, playing in the trash cans, and unraveling the TP. When they are finished the room ALWAYS looks like somebody has robbed the place! I try my best to prevent them from disturbing the neighboring floors of slumbering guests. I'm not sure if I accomplished that this time as Evan has mastered the one year old high pitched shriek!

I was so thankful for our hotel adventure this time around because I got a break! Yes, the kids still tore the place up..... I just really enjoyed NOT having boxes everywhere! We have been living out of and digging through boxes since February. We wanted to have a better chance of selling quickly in Klamath so we depersonalized and pack up a TON of kid stuff.

Highlights of the day: The boys experiencing room service, Ryan kept asking the waiter if his name was "Gusteau". (Ratatouille) so the guy kept telling Ryan "oh no, I'm just a waiter" to which Ryan replied oh I'm sorry maybe someday you can be a chef! I used to be Ryan's favorite chef. He now tells me I'm almost as good a Gusteau.

Evan falling a sleep curled up on my chest ( he has not done that in months.) We sure love that little chubby!

The whole family watched Glenn Beck sitting in bed...well WE sat the boys jumped! They fell asleep in our arms--so sweet.

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